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Hi all, on the blog over the past two weeks we’ve been looking more at personal care and fitness but today I thought we’d get a little bit more girlie over here on the blog and look at temporary ways to change your appearance. When I was in my mid-teens to early twenties I would change my appearance in a heartbeat, and I mean completely on a whim.  I was a regular for going clothes shopping or jewellery shopping or simply walking past shops on the way home and heading in to browse and walking out with a couple of different packets of hair dye.  Or walking past a piercing shop and walking in to ‘browse the jewellery’ and walking out with my ears pierced, or my nose, or my lip, and a couple of times a nipple piercing.  Now most of these went fairly well, I currently still have all my hair on my head, and no hideous scarring, although this wasn’t always the case.  For 6 years I would dye my hair on average once every 2 months, and this wasn’t the same colour so I would be dyeing it from blonde to brunette to red to ginger to pink to a rather dashing (if i do say myself) foray into multi colored hair, this culminated in me dyeing my hair back from brunette to blonde when it turned green.  Not just any shade of green either, I’m talking khaki with stripes of blonde and brunette mixed in. Not pleasant, and also not cheap considering I had to have 3 trips to the salon which cost over 400 pounds and I was back where I started with brown hair.


They say your hair frames your face, and that a different haircut, style or hair colour can completely change the way you look.  And they’re not wrong.  Luckily making changes to your hair, either as a way to work out what you like prior to making a big change, or just as a way to change how you look as a one off, is easier than ever.So whether you’re a bit of a beauty commitment-phobe or like myself you’ve been burnt once too many times here’s some great ways to temporarily transform your look without any scary repercussions.



Coloured hair spray.


I like IGK Sutro Ombre Colour Spray, which you spray onto your hair as normal and it adds colour as well as the texture and separation which you would normally get from a hair spray.  The best part of this spray, and why it's named Ombre Colour is that you can build up the colour.  It starts off as a sheer, subtle colour and the more you use the darker the colour looks.  Its perfect for using to Ombre your hair, and it washes straight out so you can head to a festival for the weekend looking like a mermaid and head to work the monday after with only a hangover to show for it!


Hair chalks

hair tips and products  

Another great way to add colour without committing is by using Hair Coloured Chalks, I like these ones I bought  You can use them on wet or dry hair, and they’re great for being as artistic and crazy as you would like.  You can layer them, and build them up, or you can use a couple of different colours to have multi coloured locks. Unlike the spray depending on the chalk you use this can take a little longer to come out of your hair but no more than a couple of washes and it should fade significantly after the first wash.  Twisting your hair as you apply the chalk will build up the colour.


Hair Extensions.

 Hair extensions  

Clip in hair extensions are great at changing your look without any commitment, and a great cost per use if you use them on a semi-regular basis.  To create an ombre’d look I love these hair extensions from La Sheba which are so versatile and easy to clip in and out, so you can take them out anytime.


Wash in Wash out hair dye.


Lasting longer than anything else we’ve looked at today, 6-8 week hair dyes are great at changing your look or testing out a colour on a more permanent basis. I like to use these when I’m thinking of changing my colour, and I know it will look good but I’m just not sure I’m ready.  Or as a subtly darker shade for the winter months.




And for the absolute commitment-phobe there’s some great wigs available.  Unlike a couple of years ago when the idea of wearing a wig was a ridiculous concept there’s now some great wigs available.  Perfect if you’re going to a party, dressing up or cosplaying but equally as good if you just fancy a radical non-permanent change! For; some more great ways to change up your look with wigs and other such things, then check out


OK, that’s pretty much it from me for today, hope you all had a great read and i’ll see you soon. Did you check out my great post last week on cardiovascular fitness? If not, then take a look, it's worth a read!