How to choose the right curling iron for you.

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog.  Today we wanted to follow on from our hair tips and products post, and talk about curling irons. Read more

Hair loss

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Hair Tips & Products

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Hair Tips & Products

Hi all, on the blog over the past two weeks we’ve been looking more at personal care and fitness but today I thought we’d get a little bit more girlie over here on the blog and look at temporary ways to change your appearance. When I was in my mid-teens to early twenties I would change my appearance in a heartbeat, and I mean completely on a whim.  I was a regular for going clothes shopping or jewellery shopping or simply walking past shops on the way home and heading in to browse and walking out with a couple of different packets of hair dye.  Or walking past a piercing shop and walking in to ‘browse the jewellery’ and walking out with my ears pierced, or my nose, or my lip, and a couple of times a nipple piercing.  Now most of these went fairly well, I currently still have all my hair on my head, and no hideous scarring, although this wasn’t always the case.  For 6 years I would dye my hair on average once every 2 months, and this wasn’t the same colour so I would be dyeing it from blonde to brunette to red to ginger to pink to a rather dashing (if i do say myself) foray into multi colored hair, this culminated in me dyeing my hair back from brunette to blonde when it turned green.  Not just any shade of green either, I’m talking khaki with stripes of blonde and brunette mixed in. Not pleasant, and also not cheap considering I had to have 3 trips to the salon which cost over 400 pounds and I was back where I started with brown hair. Read more

Multi-Sport Athlete

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Rowing Machines

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Rowing Machines and Cardiovascular Fitness 

Hey there folks! Thanks for coming back to my personal care blog! I am having so much fun writing this thing it is unreal! I hope you are enjoying it as much as myself and finding it informative and useful. I have wrote for a number of blogs over the years but never actually had my own, so it is really nice to now have my very own piece of internet real estate where I can share my thoughts and ideas with the world as I see fit. Thanks for being part of the adventure with me. I have als found that the more I write the better the content becomes. It is a classic case of practise makes perfect. The more I write, the more refined my writing becomes. I would recommend starting a blog to any of you who want to improve your writing skills. It is a free and easy way to master an important skill that will help you move forward in the world. Anyway, enough of the small talk. Let us get onto today’s topic of choice, cardiovascular fitness! Read more

21st Century man

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Blog Intro

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Hello guys, Read more